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Tile & L.V.T.

Every style, every texture, every color offers a different effect, and we can help you achieve just the effect you want for your space.

Today's ceramic tile is an entire family of products, all of which begin with a natural material, clay. When combined with special minerals and fired at extremely high temperature it makes an extremely strong product, with different properties to suit different applications, depending on how it's manufactured and finished. It comes in so many variations of color, pattern, shape, size and trim pieces that it's almost impossible to imagine any situation where tile couldn't be used.

Looking for durable natural looking flooring for your home or office?  Luxury Vinyl Tile gives you the look of stone, ceramic, or wood without the maintenance. Choose from a rainbow of colors and styles, each more beautiful than the last! With new patterns and texture that echo the nature of stone, marble, and tile, today's luxury vinyl tile is more beautiful than ever. With elegant designs that are incredibly resistant to stains and wear, luxury vinyl tile is simple and beautiful. Not only is it great to look at, but it's easy to maintain and guaranteed to last for years to come. We also carry a wide variety of stunning sheet vinyl to meet any budget.

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