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What started as a one-man & wife business over 40 years ago in their home, selling linoleum and ceramic tile from their living room, Bill Mock Fashion Floors & Interiors, Inc. has grown into a family business.

In 1966 they moved the business to the Waggoner building at 304 West Grand in Ponca City and expanded to include carpet in that year. New home construction was a growing business that continued to grow. Opportunity came about to lease Sanders Drug Store at 300 West Grand in 1970 and was purchased in 1972 to expand and to include a drapery department.

Many changes have been seen over the 40 years in business and have met many obstacles. In 1977 a water line broke, flooding the store. A tornado broke out the windows in 1992. The most devastating event occurred when a fire broke out on the block and destroyed Mock's and three other businesses in 1994. The decision to build a "new" Mock Fashion Floors was quickly made and the new store was re-established in June of 1995.

In 1998, Bill and Charlene Mock retired from the carpet business and left it to their two daughters. Janelle Moreland and Joyce Edwards have managed and operated Mock Fashion Floors and Interiors for over 16 years, so they are no strangers to the floor covering business.

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